the project

Our challenge was to design a garden to compliment this stunning art deco refurbished house in Gerrards Cross.  The building has very strong clean lines including the all-important art deco curves which is fitting of this period of architecture.  This needed to be translated into the landscape and was the starting point for the lovely shapes we were able to create in the garden.

Our clients wanted a lush tropical style garden with a large lawn. And to enjoy a journey through the garden exploring all that it has to offer. We started this journey on a gravel path winding through naturalistic planting, reaching a contemporary bench in the far shady corner. Next, you arrive at the Pilates studio at the rear of the garden. This is a fantastic space with huge glass doors looking out over the garden. The lines of this building are beautifully curved and echo the curves of the main house and compliments the rest of the design well.

The next area to be explored is the children’s play area. This is hidden behind bamboo and lush planting. There is a trampoline screened by planting and a seating area amongst giant boulders, jungle planting and tree ferns. A great place to chill out for all ages!

Moving on, we have now reached the main terrace. We wanted to create an area in the garden for entertainment and relaxation, that felt like a destination in itself. Our clients wanted the area to feel natural, yet we needed it to echo those same clean lines and strong geometry of the house. We did this by using natural stone gabions for the walling giving us a structured yet softened effect. It was rather a challenge to create curved gabion walls but was really effective!  Included in this space is a stacked stone waterwall; for the ambience and lovely sound that cascading water creates. A curved pergola overhead echoes the design intention and has lighting and heating to create that perfect evening setting.

Make your way back to the swimming pool and house terrace through the lavender walk to complete the garden journey!

Message from our client: “Having completed the renovation project to our house in 2011, we were keen to improve our garden and have it compliment the new modern look of our art deco property. We were looking to create a tropical paradise to enhance both the outside look of the house as well as garden we could enjoy as a family. Looking through the internet I found the works of Philip Nash Design and was immediately drawn to the gardens which were displayed on their web page. After meeting Philip and Lauren I was sure they understood the look we were aiming for as they asked the right questions and provided the right guidance to develop the final idea we would be happy with. The project went smoothly and a year on I can say we are really happy with the final product and look forward to enjoying our tropical paradise for many years to come.”

Words by Philip Nash, Designer